HOVA provides spare- and replacement parts for

Mechanical Seals

, Reciprocating Compressors, and


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HOVA supplies

All parts are QM tested and guaranteed, third party inspections are welcome.


Company Profile

HOVA was founded in 1980.
We supply and manufacture parts and provide services for the petrochemical and related industries.
HOVA is an independent supplier and manufacturer of mechanical seals, compressor parts and pump parts. We are not associated with any original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Due to our network of associated partner companies we can act very flexibly and precisely. That means a wide range of products and services is provide through our well experienced specialists, ensuring the highest possible quality.


In addition to the supply and manufacturing of mechanical seals, compressor parts and pump parts,
HOVA provides a wide range of engineering, re-engineering and technical services for your demand,
as well as refurbishment of major parts (such as crankshafts, impellers, rotors, bearings a.m.o).
This ensures a complete service all around compressors, drivers, mechanical seals and other rotating equipment.

HOVA GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 31, D-72290 Lossburg, Germany  |  Tel. +49 / 7446 / 9511-0  |  Email: info(at)hova-gmbh.com